Cleaning Influencer Marketing

Cleaning influencer marketing is becoming increasingly popular for brands to use, whether they are well known influencers or rising micro and macro cleaning influencers. More than 80% of marketers are now finding that using influencers is an effective strategy.

Just under half of marketers said they find influencer marketing effective and 35% finding it very effective. One of the keys is to influencer marketing is finding the right cleaning influences in the UK for your brand or product to achieve good results for your campaign. 

Better Quality Prospects

The report also shows the quality of traffic from influencer marketing whether this is from cleaning bloggers, cleaning accounts on Instagram or cleanfluencers on youtube etc is better than other sources and suggests that when a user lands on your page they are more likely to make a purchase. Individuals who have seen a post on a cleaning account whether Instagram or YouTube for example by a trusted influencer are more likely to further research a product or to buy it.

Quality of Influencer Traffic

Also, another benefit that using trusted influencers can bring is that it will grow the following on your page with engaging potential customers which you can lead through campaigns via social media increasing the chance of future sales.

Find Cleaning Influencers

Influencer marketing and campaigns need implementing correctly as with any other marketing, if not done properly means you don’t see the best return on investment. Choosing the wrong influencers to work with or failing to target the right audience can make you feel like influencer marketing doesn’t work for you.

Find  Cleaning Influencers

With the increasing success of influencer marketing for most marketers means that they are looking to increase the budget they spend on campaigns. More than 65% said they are looking to increase the budget for the following year due to the success they have had on previous influencer campaigns.

Influencer Budget and Spend

If we look further into the marketing budget breakdown 17% of marketers are set to spend over half the full marketing budget this year on influencer marketing and it looks like this will only increase as other marketers use the power of influence of marketing.

Influencer Budget

Cleaning Accounts On Instagram Lead

When it comes to influencer marketing you have a choice of channels to market your campaigns, Instagram is the most popular such as home and cleaning accounts closely followed by YouTube channels. Instagram is going from strength to strength with the increasing edition of features like stories and shoppable posts means it’s easier to engage audiences and encourage conversion.

Instagram best for Influencer Marketing

YouTube and Instagram cleaning / home accounts are good because it allows time for influencers to engage audiences and fully demonstrate products or talk about the benefits of using your brand.

Spotting Fake Influencer Accounts

A challenge that all marketers will face is finding the right influencer or cleaning account for a campaign. 61% of marketers agreed that finding the best influencer is a difficult challenge as the number of cleaning and home accounts is also increasing quickly.

Influencer marketing can be beneficial but only really works if you can match your products or brands to the cleanfluencer who has the right target audience this is why sometimes running a campaign with multiple cleanfluencers allows for greater success and using various platforms such as cleaning bloggers, cleaning Instagram influencers and cleaning Youtube channels / videos can help, failing to do that can limit the effect that your campaign has.

Influencer marketing doesn’t come without its challenges as well as finding the right cleaning influencers who have the right target audience there are also other things to be aware of. The highest being spotting accounts with fake followers and in authentic engagement the others being Social algorithm changes making contact less visible and Building and always on strategy, rather than one-off campaigns.

Influencer Challanges

Like with all marketing measuring results helps refine planning future campaigns, the biggest metric that is looked at is engagement, even above sales/conversions. This shows the fact that engagement comes above sales means marketers understand the importance of using influencers to engage with their brand.

Final Thoughts

Using cleaning and home influencers / accounts is a great way to increase engagement and raise awareness with an audience that likes to hear about your products. When done correctly it will bring high-quality traffic to your site and also increase your number of followers.

More and more people are trusting recommendations from influencers rather than advertisements and self-generated content, so trying an influencer marketing campaign to see the benefits is a worthwhile exercise if you have never used it before. Some campaigns have been so successful that companies have sold out of that particular product within a matter of hours.

However, as with all marketing planning is key, taking the time to select the right influencers for your brand with the right audience to make sure that your campaign gets maximum engagement and results. If you’d like to speak to clean fluencies about a potential
campaign, we are more than happy to discuss ideas and how we could bring this to fruition for you

Data Source: MediaKix